Thursday, February 7, 2008

The unseen possibility

I would like to bring to all the nay sayers and fan boys out there the reality.
The reality of what you could do with a mac book air and new time capsule router.
(note I am not stating you can I am stating you could)

In theory with the technology that both these awesome misunderstood products.
You could take say 20 MBA (for the sake of being lazy MBA = Macbook AIR and TC = Time Capsule) and a one terabyte TC to make one innovating, secure network.

All seasoned mac techs and developers know that you can take any mac running MacosX
and set its start up disk to be a network drive or Net boot.
So now stating the obvious the implications of this mean.
With 20 light weight MBA and 1 TC set up as your net boot you would have a very awesome and powerful network.
Perfect for collaboration and data recovery. If there was an issue with any of the systems that user with the failed system could log into any other MBA and not miss a beat.

Please ponder on that thought I know that I have.
Tell me what you think.